A synthetic sound like synth generated by manipulating voltages used excessively in the modern-day music. If we say that the discovery of synth music in the 70s revolutionized the music industry, then it won’t be wrong. The use of Synth stretched into electronic and rock music.

Moreover, Synthpop got popularised in the 80s and is a part of electronic music genre. To create a synth, all we need is a high-end synthesizer. However, if you assume that working on a synthesizer is a piece of cake, then you must reconsider this idea. Of course, selecting the synthesizer is the first and vital step in this process.

Introduction to Sylenth1 VSTi Plugin

Sylenth1 is one of the best virtual analog VSTi synthesizer software present online, outlined by prominent musicians. Some of the finest synth music tracks we got from this synthesizer. All in all, Sylenth1 is another name of quality with a commendable performance. Only a few synthesizers in the industry can only match the output delivered by Sylenth1.

Talking about its user interface the Sylenth1 designed to make it easier even for the beginners to function and explore their creativity to the fullest. Just like other synthesizers, Sylenth1houses all the features from Oscillators to Filters, from Modulator to Amplifiers and of course the effects. So, if you are looking forward to creating your synth, then there is no other synthesizer better than this one which will entirely dedicate itself to this task.

Download Sylenth1 Presets

Different versions with different objectives

You can download various versions of Sylenth1 which are available free of cost. For a few advanced versions of Sylenth1you have to spend some bucks. One can get the trial pack of these advanced versions for some time which will not charge anything. For installing a Sylenth1software, you must have a PC of average configuration or a Mac computer.

Some of the versions you can try include Trap God Sylenth Bank, Zenmas Sylenth1 Bank, Toego Studios 128, Sample Magic, Spunkface Samplers Deep/Minimal Pack and EDM Factory Soundbank. These are free, and you can download it from their link available on many sites. The paid Sylenth1 is also a safe option which won’t disappoint you later.

Learning to use Sylenth1

To get your hands on any device, you have to work on it continuously. The fundamental knowledge of working of each component is necessary. Moreover, to generate different waveforms, there are four alias-free unison oscillators. These oscillators can create 32 unison voices all together with eight unison voices from each oscillator. Also, these oscillators will work fine on all ranges of frequencies. Its filters divided into two parts where each composes of 4 stages of filtration. The sound comes out of them are warm and loud.

When it comes to modulating the parameters, it has 2 ADSR envelopes accompany with 2 LFO. Some more features for modulating the track include two amplitude envelopes, modulation wheel, Keyboard track, and velocity. There is a list of 7 effects that are enough to do magic on any synth track. These are an equalizer, delay, chorus, phaser, arpeggiator, distortion, reverb, and compressor. Its portamento sliding is for sliding both velocity and pitch parameters.

Create your synth with Sylenth1 VSTi synthesizer

With multiple features, you can produce so many synths as per your taste. The sound it generates feels refined to ears and not synthetic. Music programs like Cubase, Presonus Studio, and many others use this synthesizer VST as a plug-in. Moreover, it has over 2500 presets which you can browse onboard. Also, its SSE processor and an optimized code will reduce the dependency on CPU resources. For creating your synth, combine different oscillator sound and filter type. Use the modulating and effects and see what it results.

Sylenth1 VSTi Video Tutorial

Sylenth1 Presets EDM Edition – LennarDigital
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