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As a unique and distinctive part of electronic music genre, the synth is getting a considerable acclamation from listeners and producers. The idea of generating sound or music from the waveform of vibrating electron is something nobody ever imagined of it. On top of it, the discovery credited to an electrician and not a musician. All of the sudden the world came across synths of which we are addictive of listening.

If you too mesmerized by this sound, then you should try creating some awesome tracks. Across the internet, you will find myriad synthesizer software that you can install and unleash the artist inside you.

Introduction to Spire VST Plugin

Spire is another high-end synthesizer used for producing quality synths. Its performance standard is quite competitive with other synthesizers in the industry. Developed by Reveal Sound, this synthesizer digitally synthesizes the Analog waveform and produce a hybrid synth. Spire got all the latest features and addition which makes it enjoyable to create a synth. Talking about its presets, it has an overwhelming collection of more than 800 presets.

The necessary things a Spire software accompany are four oscillators, two filters along with various envelop for modulation and LFOs. All of these four oscillators have six different modes namely Classic, Noise, SawPWM, AMSync, FM and Hard FM. Also, this synthesizer houses five types of effects which has works differently in designing the synth. These are phaser, shaper, Chorus, reverb, and delay.

Download Spire Presets

The list of Spire VST Plugin versions

To download and install spire you can either select a 32-bit format or a 64-bit format. These versions require will work on any PC only if it has windows 7 or above version. Talking about the versions, you can find its link without any hassle, and these are both paid and free.

In this list, the latest updated version which is Spire Ver.1.1.13 has been making a lot of buzz from sometimes. As the newest addition, it has many extra features which offer improvement in the quality of sound. The features added are Vowel Oscillator, Click Removal, Filter Shaper and J8 Chorus. Spire keeps updating its version with time. Earlier to Spire Ver.1.1.13, there was Spire V 1.1.8, Spire 1.1.7, Spire 1.1.9, and Spire v 1.1.12 used for sound designing.

Using Spire synthesizer

For using a Spire, as mentioned the Windows version in your system must be 7 or higher than it. Also, the CPU should be of advanced level. For running this software on your MAC use MAC 10.8 or above it. The installation process of an authorized version of Spire is easy to carry out. For creating different waveforms like a square wave, sine wave, triangle wave, there are four oscillators, and you can quickly switch between them. From the six different modes, you can have multiple sounds created from all the four oscillators. For controlling this waveform, you will further have two control buttons. The control button A and B will change the waveform as per the oscillators. The envelope and LFOs are also present four each with some extra features. The LFOs has its work in controlling the phase and amplitude, the amount of fade-in along with changing the settings of mono mode and poly mode.

The Spire VST for making own presets

For creating your presets, you need to connect your system with internet. The supported user interface and all its tools displayed on the screen will help you in figuring out. For importing a sound bank select the import bank option in the menu and select the audio bank from the list available. You can browse the list of presets online and download it. After downloading these presets, you can load it into the sound bank of Spire with the help of given options.

Spire VST Plugin Video Tutorial

Spire Presets EDM Edition – Reveal Sound
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