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For ear candy synth creation, we have got a chunk of synth software. But for a newbie, it’s important to understand that all of them are not same and works differently. An analog synth shaped up by changing the voltage and digital parameters of the waveforms. Besides analog synthesis, there are frequency modulation, Linear Algorithm, Wavetable, and a few more synthesizing methods.

Taking about the wavetable synthesis method, Massive by Native Instruments is powerful software. To get a desired audio output, all you have to do is to click and drag from your mouse. Let’s know more about this synth software since many well-known producers use it for quite sometimes.

Massive by Native Instrument: an overview

As a severe tool for wavetable synthesis Massive from Native Instrument is a recent development which is quite competitive to industry standard. Equipped with the most number of features a synth software could have. As a result, increasing its efficiency and creativity. Massive holds quite a similarity with Absynth and FM7. For installing it on your system, you need a Windows version 7 and above or Vista and XP. You can easily install it in 32-bit and 64-bit in Mac OS. It is a lightweight software that is it will take less than a Gb disk space.

Furthermore, its graphics user interface is trouble-free allowing full support to all category of users. All its features are right there in front of you. The screen displays three oscillators and one more modulation oscillator. You will also find noise cancellation, effect, filters, mixer, amplifiers and everything straight on screen.

Download NI Massive VST Presets 

Features of NI Massive VST

Massive VST is an impressive synth software which makes synthesis simpler even for the learners. All the tools for effective tweaking like oscillators, modulators, filters give you the anticipated audio quality. The oscillators sections present on the left side encloses knobs to control the intensity, wavetable oscillations, and amplification. All the oscillators scratch sound from series of waveforms. Here you can select from the given 82 wavetable oscillators by tuning the knobs. Its three complete oscillators can achieve analog or FM or wavetable like synthesis. The oscillators intensity control knob and the amplification knob for changing the output. One more oscillator which is the modulation oscillator which modulates the three oscillators and filters. Modulation oscillators is a sinewave oscillator that operates on audible frequencies.

The filter section offers all modes which are Low-pass, Hi-pass, Bandpass, combination filter, band reject filter including a few more modes. These modes enable controlling the frequency, resonance and some additional parameters. As far as we dig into its effects section, you will find every effect such as phase, delay, expander, reverb, chorus, flangers and tube.

Including your set of presets into Massive VST Plugin  

Massive got all for you. With so many filters mode, impressive modulation and effect list you can design an elaborate synth. However, one thing that makes you slightly unhappy is the presets it provides to you. Presets patches present in the VST library is very helpful and needed to all the music producers. But, if you are expecting something great then possibly you will get disappointed. The main presets bank holds only 420 presets that are quite less and also quite unexciting.  But you can quickly add your own made presets, and other presets downloaded from the internet to it. There are several of sites out there from where you can download an exclusive list of presets and extend your range. Adding the preset patches is an effortless process. So, this means a fresh list of patches is now just some clicks away. Undoubtedly, Massive is one such plugin that appeals both beginners and pro due to its cool well-thought-out features. The ease of adding more patches add feathers in its cap.

NI Massive VST Plugin Video Tutorial

Massive Presets EDM Edition – Native Instruments
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