Shaping up a perfect synth is indeed not a child’s play, but the work got simplified a lot by Free VST plugins. Many VST plugins released in a couple of years, encloses innovative features.

However, if you feel stuck in between multiple VST plugins on the internet and want to know about the top VST plugins straight then here is the list for you. Save your valuable time and energy from this tiresome work.

And one more news that these plugins are available on the internet free. So, let’s begin the list of ten most awesome VST plugins you can install on your DAW.

1. Tal-Bassline

The list starts with the VST synthesizer Tal-Bassline made to get a warm and analog sound. This VST plugin specialized in adding a heavy bass, acid sound and effects. With the help it’s -18db low pass filter and the unique components, you can create Trap and EDM synth effortlessly.

2. PHASIS Phase Plugin

Phasis launched by Native Instruments is a phaser effect plugin which assists multiple innovative features. It let you add creative magic to your synth by employing rate, spread, mix, and notch controls. It is possible to get high modulation rate for modulating the frequency by using the ultra-switch

3. Dexed – FM Plugin Synth

As a frequency modulation synth, Dexed performance is somewhere close to the iconic Yamaha DX7. For delivering unparalleled patches and sequences, it houses six operators accompanied by the four-stage envelope generator. The features of this VST plugin include a cartridge loader popup, a patch storing screen and a parameter configuration panel.

4. Synth1

The design and function of Synth1 recognize the Nord Lead 2 Red Synth to a great extent. In this VST plugin, you can play with the multiple options given for modulation and produce versatile sequences of EDM. Apart from the usual feature, it has a side-chain compression emulation and a 32-step trance gate.

5. Rivera VST Plugin

Rivera VST plugin uses algorithmic reverberation along with convolution modeling for building patches. It thereby functions in generating hybrid reverb. It has five “Vooms” which are the combination of volume and rooms related to different styles of reverberation. Each of these “Vooms” has its control for modifying the reflection, size and offset.

6. Freq Echo

Freq Echo by Valhalla, a well-designed synthesizer plugin for dubbing and other psychedelic needs. This VST plugin has a low cut, and high cut controls in feedback offer a great controlling on echo delay. The effects it supports are Chorus, Phase Flange along with controlling its Tempo.


MT powder drumkit 2 is a drumkit plugin that is available free. If you are looking for a plugin that helps you in getting a high-quality drum sound, then this plugin won’t let you disappointed. Also, its feature brings in MIDI grooves which will help you in producing convincing beats.


Synister has the edge over many plugins when it comes to usability. Not just an easy to use and visually appealing interface it offers but this open source plugin includes several cool features. Along with three oscillator and effects like clipping, low fidelity there is no baseline you aren’t able to design with this VST plugin.

9. TDR – Proximity

TDR-Proximity is a VST plugin brought by the Tokyo Dawn Labs and Vladg Sound. This VST plugin lets the sound engineer play with the depth of sound sources by changing the placement of mic.



As a virtual acoustic guitar plugin, this unique synthesizer which is an update from its previous version has multiple features loaded to boost the performance. This freebie acoustic guitar instrument is now faster and performs fewer memory resources.

Here is the list of top ten open source VST plugin which is quite accessible and useful for the sound engineers and music producers. Since they all are free, you can experience them all and figure out which one is the most suitable for you.


Best 10 Free VST Plugins you must try in 2018
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