120 Best Free VST Plugins you must try in 201 [Premium Included]

free vst plugins

Shaping up a perfect synth is indeed not a child’s play, but the work got simplified a lot by Free VST plugins. Many VST plugins released in a couple of years, encloses innovative features.

However, if you feel stuck in between multiple free vst plugins on the internet and want to know about the top VST plugins straight then here is the list for you. Save your valuable time and energy from this tiresome work.

free vst plugins

How to Download Free VST Plugins?

These plugins are available on the internet for free. So, let’s begin the list of ten most awesome VST plugins you can install on your DAW.

Top 10 Free VST Plugins Free Download

Here is the quick rundown of Vst Plugins available in the market for free.

VST Plugin Plugin Maker Download
Tal-Bassline Tal Software CLick here »
PHASIS Phase Plugin Native Instruments CLick here »
Dexed – FM Plugin Synth Dexed CLick here »
Synth1 Ichiro Toda CLick here »
Rivera VST Plugin NuSpace Audio CLick here »
Freq Echo Valhalla DSP CLick here »
MT POWER DRUMKIT 2 Manda Audio CLick here »
SYNISTER Marc CLick here »
TDR – Proximity Tokyo Dawn Records CLick here »
AMPLE GUITAR M LITE II Ample Sounds CLick here »

1. Tal-Bassline

The list starts with the VST synthesizer Tal-Bassline made to get a warm and analog sound.

This VST plugin specialized in adding a heavy bass, acid sound and effects. With the help it’s -18db low pass filter and the unique components, you can create Trap and EDM synth effortlessly.

Download Tal-Bassline

2. PHASIS Phase Plugin

Phasis launched by Native Instruments is a phaser effect plugin which assists multiple innovative features.

It let you add creative magic to your synth by employing rate, spread, mix, and notch controls.

It is possible to get high modulation rate for modulating the frequency by using the ultra-switch

Download PHASIS Phase Plugin

3. Dexed – FM Plugin Synth

As a frequency modulation synth, Dexed performance is somewhere close to the iconic Yamaha DX7.

For delivering unparalleled patches and sequences, it houses six operators accompanied by the four-stage envelope generator.

The features of this VST plugin include a cartridge loader popup, a patch storing screen and a parameter configuration panel.

Download Dexed – FM Plugin Synth

4. Synth1

The design and function of Synth1 recognize the Nord Lead 2 Red Synth to a great extent.

In this VST plugin, you can play with the multiple options given for modulation and produce versatile sequences of EDM.

Apart from the usual feature, it has a side-chain compression emulation and a 32-step trance gate.

Download Synth1

5. Rivera VST Plugin

Rivera VST plugin uses algorithmic reverberation along with convolution modeling for building patches.

It thereby functions in generating hybrid reverb. It has five “Vooms” which are the combination of volume and rooms related to different styles of reverberation.

Each of these “Vooms” has its control for modifying the reflection, size and offset.

Download Rivera

6. Freq Echo

Freq Echo by Valhalla, a well-designed synthesizer plugin for dubbing and other psychedelic needs.

This VST plugin has a low cut, and high cut controls in feedback offer a great controlling on echo delay.

The effects it supports are Chorus, Phase Flange along with controlling its Tempo.

Download Freq Echo


MT powder drumkit 2 is a drumkit plugin that is available free.

If you are looking for a plugin that helps you in getting a high-quality drum sound, then this plugin won’t let you disappointed.

Also, its feature brings in MIDI grooves which will help you in producing convincing beats.

Download MT Power Drumkit 2


Synister has the edge over many plugins when it comes to usability.

Not just an easy to use and visually appealing interface it offers but this open source plugin includes several cool features.

Along with three oscillator and effects like clipping, low fidelity there is no baseline you aren’t able to design with this VST plugin.

Download Synister

9. TDR – Proximity

TDR-Proximity is a VST plugin brought by the Tokyo Dawn Labs and Vladg Sound.

This VST plugin lets the sound engineer play with the depth of sound sources by changing the placement of mic.

Download TDR – Proximity


As a virtual acoustic guitar plugin, this unique synthesizer which is an update from its previous version has multiple features loaded to boost the performance. This freebie acoustic guitar instrument is now faster and performs fewer memory resources.

Here is the list of top ten open source Free VST plugin which is quite accessible and useful for the sound engineers and music producers. Since they all are free, you can experience them all and figure out which one is the most suitable for you.


if you still didn’t satisfied with our free vst plugins list then don’t worry.

As several plugins launch every month adding to the already existing lists of countless plugins, it might take you a month or a year or even more to get the right one.

Of course, the job of getting a perfect vst plugin is quite grueling but not anymore since we did it for you.

After exploring thousands of great plugins for hours, we bring you a minimized list of best vst plugins out there. It includes a little over 100 plugins.

As the cherry on the top, the below list also mention the top 100 vst plugins that are entirely free of cost and paid. Talking about their performance many of these plugins are much better than some premium plugin from notable firms.

So, without making you wait anymore let’s get started with our list. Meanwhile, you can thank us later 😉

Best VST Plugins for Synthesizer 

best vst plugins for synthesizers

1. Serum by Xfer Records

Probably the best synthesizer available currently is the Serum by Xfer Records costing 189 USD. As a wavetable synthesizer, it offers you a workflow-oriented interface along with unmatched sound quality and visuals.

The best part of its user-friendly and creative interface that you will automatically get the drive to experiment with the sound. So you don’t need any manual for it.
Cost 149 USD, this plugin purposely meant for bass music.

Download Demo | Buy

Recommended Source: You can download free serum presets over here.

2. Massive by Native Instruments

As the name is Massive is quite a powerful synthesizer for electro and bass music synthesis with an easy to use interface.

So, if you want to explore your creativity with electro and bass music, you can blindly go for it.

Download Demo | Buy

Recommended Source: You can download free massive presets over here.

3. Omnisphere2 by Spectrasonics

For those who want one plugin which enables them to synthesis varied type of sound, then Omnisphere2 will cater your needs.

It is available at 499 USD. A bit expensive but worthy.

Download Demo | Buy

4. Sylenth1 by Lennar Digital

Among a few plugins that match the sound standard of the Hardware synthesizer, Sylenth1 is the one.

You can purchase its premium version at 139 euro and avail top quality sound and performance.

Download Demo | Buy

Recommended Source: You can download free sylenth presets over here.

5. Retrologue2 by Steinberg

Known for enhancing the richness of the output sound through its virtual analog oscillator and filters, Retrologue2 is available in 99 €.

It houses more than 700 presets, flexible arpeggiator, 24 first-class filters, and an effective modulation system.

Download Demo | Buy

6. Trillian Total Bass Module by Spectrasonics

Trillian Total Bass Module is ultimate for bass modulation as it encloses numerous types of bass in it. Moreover, you can explore its top-notch synth bass tone and great editing tools at just 299 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

7. Z3TA+2 by Cakewalk

No matter what music you produce, be it pop or rap anything and everything is now possible with Z3TA+2.

You can avail its premium version at only 99 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

8. LuSH-101 by D16 Audio

Nothing can limit your creativity with LuSH-101 as it allows your creativity to flow and explore new possibilities with the sound.

Its major plus points are its simple design accompanied with multilayer architecture. You can buy it for 149 €.

Download Demo | Buy

9. Razor by Native Instruments

It works as a powerful additive synthesizer that offers acoustic flexibility and ability to design a wide range of sound.

Costing 99 USD, it is a super sharp synthesizer with unique visual feedback delivers clear audio quality.

Download Demo | Buy

10. SLOO by Tim Exile

SLOO has a dynamic voice swarming algorithm through which one can morph sonic transformation to any extent. Be it a live performance or studio music production its flexibility and versatility makes it a real winner.

To get it you have to pay 49 £.

Download Demo | Buy

11. FM8 by Native Instruments

A powerful synthesizer software FM8 has over 960 presets along with high-quality hardware patches. For accessing a breathtaking, crystal clear sound quality, you have to pay 149 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

12. Phobos by Spitfire Audio

Created by notable composer and music producer BT, Phobos will cost you 299 USD. It is a unique synthesizer accomplishing all the sought out of the composers forming cinematic electronica and epic composition.

Download Demo | Buy

13. Diva by u-he

Dive stand apart from the other synthesizer when it comes to producing an outstanding quality of analog sound.

You can avail it at only 179 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

14. Lounge Lizard EP4 by AAS

At the cost of 199 USD, this electric piano plugin has several useful features like its new library, new control panel, compressor, limiter, and its streamlined interface.

Here you can explore from Rhodes to Wurlitzer sound and more than 240 gigs.

Download Demo | Buy

15. Addictive Keys by XLN Audio

It is a keyboard synthesizer that gives a kick to your music creativity. Comes with numerous inspiring presets which also include preview that will boost your creativeness and capabilities. Available at just 80 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

16. Rapid by Parawave Audio

A powerful control panel helps you in controlling every aspect of sound production. By combining different layers of synthesis, you can obtain that sound you wish.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Kick Drum Synthesizers 

best vst plugin for kick drums

1. Kick2 by Sonic Academy

An Upgrade from its previous version, this award-winning Drum synthesizer will enable to get an authentic kick drum effect.

It endows you with features like drag and drops click loading, over 230 factory kick, browsing external sample folder and more at £49.95.

Download Demo | Buy

2. BAZZism2 by Intelligent Sounds & Music  

Sculpting, manipulating a kick drum to your dance track is now a piece of cake with BAZZism2.

Get your premium version at only 30 €.

Download Demo | Buy

3. PunchBOX by D16 Audio

PunchBOX assists you in sampling as well as synthesis at the same time. It has 1100 samples, and 800 presets from notable sound designers. Apart from it, the interface is simple, intuitive and easy to work. Get it for 79 €.

Download Demo | Buy

4. BigKick by Plugin Boutique

Its straightforward interface makes it many music producer’s favorites. For its paid version, will cost you 65 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Compression 

1. Fabfilter Pro C

Get the high-quality compressor experience with Fabfilter Pro C fitting to the needs of every sound engineers.

Together with refined compression, it offers you an authentic lead vocal, that magic drum glue and in-depth EDM pumping at 179 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

2. CLA Classic Compressors by Waves

As a music producer, you must include this compressor tool in your kit.

True to its name CLA classic compression is a perfect model having four compressors in one. 599 USD is its cost.

Download Demo | Buy

3. Omnipressor by Eventide

It brings a list of features regarding its variable control, expansion, compression, limiting and executing some effects.

This dynamic, fast and versatile plugin will cost you 149 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

4. Klanghelm DC8C

This plugin enables you to create vast ranging compression which will be apparent, smooth and distinct.

Costing 20 €, it is among the most flexible compressor you will ever find.

Download Demo | Buy

5. Presswerk by u-he

Priced at 129 USD its design and functioning is quite smooth and easy to carry.

Some of its unique features include color morphing, changing stereo tapes, the feedback signals, and tracking freeze and MIDI notes.

Download Demo | Buy

6. Tube-Tech CL1B by Softube

With this compressor plugin, you can achieve a full-fledged versatility in your music.

By just rotating a few knobs you can switch from mild synth to sharp and hard-hitting beats.

Download Demo | Buy

7. Puigchild by Waves

A renowned compression plugin in housing all the cutting-edge techniques to produce an unparalleled sound quality.

You can buy it at 349 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

8. H-Comp Hybrid Compressor by Waves

Here the transformers, tubes, and transistors work in fine tune which results in a precise, transparent sound as the output. Available in the market at 179 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for EQ’s 

Best VST Plugins for EQ’s

1. Millenia NSEQ-2 by Plugin Alliance

Employed by many world famous studios and mastering house, this EQ plugin generates dynamic, acoustically neutral, analog EQ. its price is 299 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Fabfilter Pro Q 2

It advances you mixing and mastering the ability to the greatest extent. Its undeniably appealing and innovative interface is another plus point besides the pure audio quality.

All you have to pay is 179 USD for getting it.

Download Demo | Buy

3. EQuilibrium by DMG Audio

Costing 179 £, it is the best performing, supportive and includes all the application offered in the new age ideal EQ plugins.

Download Demo | Buy

4. SSL G-Equalizer by Waves

To give a boost to the equalization, it has additional features. For instance, pre-cut rise, pre-boost dip, and broader Q.

Due to this fact, many notable sound engineers are fond of this equalization plugin.

Download Demo | Buy

5. Smart: EQ by Sonible

Another best in industry equalizer to get your hand on is the smart: EQ+.

It will hand over an improved quality and clarity in the sound within a few seconds.

Download Demo | Buy

6. SEQ-ST by Nugen Audio

A dynamic audio designing and EQ matching software for desired sound output are what SEQ-ST is all about. The plugin will cost 149 USD.

Moreover, it will assist you in stereo mid-side operation and automatic spectrum analysis.

Download Demo | Buy

7. Maag Audio EQ4

A wide range of renowned artists like Madonna, Celine Dion reckons on Maag Audio EQ4 equalizer.

You can make quite a lot of EQ adjustments accompanied by the exceptionally low phase shift.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Reverbs 

Best VST Plugins for Reverbs

1. Altiverb by Audio Ease

Matching the industry standard this reverb plugin is efficient and effective. Furthermore, its real spaces samples make reverb generating an easier and faster process.

You can avail its regular version at 595 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Valhalla Shimmer

No matter what concert hall it is, you can get a smooth, error-free sound quality with this reverb plugin.

With this algorithmic reverb, you will get an optimized output with just tweaking its sliders. Price of this plugin is 50 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

3. Blackhole by Eventide

A highly innovative reverb that empowers you to create a virtual space within it as per your need.

You have to pay 199 USD for it.

Download Demo | Buy

4. R4 by Exponential Audio

Here you can access range historical hardware reverb along with advanced features in an easy to use model.

This plugin can be yours in 299 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

5. Abbey Road Plates by Waves

With Abbey Road Plates plugin, you will get access to four reverb plates and not one. Each one of them holds different features.

You have to spend 249 USD to get it.

Download Demo | Buy

6. Toraverb by D16 Audio

You can control the character of sound with two parametric EQs. Also, its modified all-pass filters provide you high-quality diffusion.

Download Demo | Buy

7. RP-Verb by Rob Papen

This fantastic reverb plugin gives you a more natural sound quality. It has a unique distortion feature.

The price you will pay is 149 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Delays 

Best VST Plugins for Delays

1. Replika by Native Instruments

Get the required delay is comfortable, with three high-fidelity algorithms of Replika. Its control panel, resonant filter and phaser function together to provide the versatile delay.

Its cost is 49 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

2. UltraTap by Eventide

UltraTap plugin helps in generating rhythmic delays, extraordinary modulation, boosting the volume and glitchy reverbs.

Download Demo | Buy

3. RP-Delay by Rob Papen

Its primary focus is on features like brand new FX routing. You will find delays ranging from simple mono delay, stereo delay, along with tape-sound delay.

All this at 49 USD only.

Download Demo | Buy

4. Valhalla Ubermod

It is one of a kind delay plugin having 32 modulated delay tap, extensive diffusion and overdrive section.

All this combine to produce a bunch of high-quality acoustic.

Download Demo | Buy

5. MFM2 by u-he

The interactive design provides the utmost control over the four delay lines. Real-time modulation of various parameter can’t be more natural then what this plugin brings to you.

Download Demo | Buy

6. Sandman by Unfiltered Audio

It is more than just a delay plugin. Apart from the basic features, you will find here many new possibilities to explore.

Price is 49 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Saturation & Distortion 

Best VST Plugins for Saturation & Distortion

1. Decapitator by Soundtoys

Analog saturation produced through the transistor, tube, circuitry is what makes the sound quality appealing.

Priced at 199 USD, Decapitator brings the best analog saturation to you.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Trash 2 by Izotope

The ability you have to use multiband and dual stage distortion at the same time make it stand out from the crowd.

Download Demo | Buy

3. Omnicide by Ohm Force

The plugin uses an advanced Melohman technology letting you take benefits of MIDI compatibility. Its interface is simple and has a 3D skin design.

You will get four frequency band and variety of distortion in this plugin.

Download Demo | Buy

4. Karacter 500 by Elysia

Karacter encloses two plugins karacter mix and karacter master. The first one allows you to make changes in the mono and stereo sounds using the controlling panel.

The later helps you making a more detailed transformation.

Download Demo | Buy

5. Redoptor by D16 Audio

With Redoptor, you can get distortion effect in every circuitry through its precise tube distortion system. The other highlights are parametric EQ and independent stereo processing.

Download Demo | Buy

6. RC-20 Retro Color by XLN Audio

Sculpt your recording and add textures to it through this plugin. Price to pay is 79.95 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Mixing & Mastering 

Best VST Plugins for Mixing & Mastering

1. Bombardier Buss Compressor by Stillwell Audio

This plugin function smooth while treating even the most complex audio like vocal steams and drum groups.

Download Demo | Buy

2. The Rocket by Stillwell Audio

It is a character audio compressor which has a responsive interface towards any variation in the program.

Download Demo | Buy

3. Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor by UAD

It requires a UAD sound card for its functioning. Costing 299 USD, it endows every tool needed which makes it a complete imitation of the advanced hardware.

Download Demo | Buy

4. Izotope Ozone 7

A widely preferred music production tool to shape up your audio character. Izotope Ozone 7 mixes and controlling features are excellent in the industry.

Download Demo | Buy

5. Fabfilter Pro L

For mastering and mixing brickwall limiter is needed and this software has packed limiter which is best for adding loudness and transparencies.

Download Demo | Buy

6. L3-16 Ultramaximizer by Waves

L3-16 Ultramaximizer will cost you 549 USD. Increase the loudness and avail the exceptional control over the parameter through its 16-band peak limiter.

Download Demo | Buy

7. VSC-2 Compressor by Brainworx

It employs four 1979 designed VCAs which are hand built and discrete. The ratio variable feature in soft mode and the brick mode is its essential highlight.

Download Demo | Buy

8. EQuivocate by Eventide & Newfangled Audio

The plugin designer gives extra emphasis to make the sound appear more natural. For that matter, 26 critical bands tickle a different part of your inner ear.

Along with this linear-phase filter, shape minimizes the pre-echo present in the sound.

Download Demo | Buy

Best VST Plugins for Vocal Production 

Best VST Plugins for Vocal Production

1. Melodyne by Celemony

The algorithm of Melodyne assists the sound engineer to make the subtlest as well as the hard-hitting audios. The incredible editing tools and intuitive interface makes it incomparable.

Download Demo | Buy

2. VocALign PRO 4 by Synchro Arts

This plugin eases the alignment of one audio single to another without any delay. It is the latest version of classic VocALign costing 399 USD.

Download Demo | Buy

3. CHOIR Evo by Antares

Its stand out feature is that you can convert a single monophonic voice into a union of 4, 8, 16, 32 sound. Further, you can alter each of these unison pitches, timing and vibrato variations.

Download Demo | Buy

4. Vocal Synth by Izotope

Any vocal can get diversely transformed from electronic to robot to computerized and many more variations.

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for Kick Drum Synths, Drum Machines, and Drum Kits

1. DrumTroop by Dub Turbo

It endows you with a straightforward toolset for producing various kick drum sound. The careful designing of the kit is as per the genre and sub-genre.

Download Demo | Buy

2. LM-1 Linndrum Drum Machines by Jun’s factory, Simple Recorder, and MH Music

With the fusion of three diverse VST, they reconstructed classic Linndrum LM-1 drum machine

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for Modulation & Time Based Effects

1. Protoverb by u-he

It is a unique reverb plugin that functions on the idea of room simulator.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Multiply by Acon Digital

Meant to produce versatile chorus effect exclusively. For that matter, the phase randomizing factor will exclude the unwanted comb filter from the sound.

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for Saturation & Distortion 

1. Revival by Slate Digital

It allows you to manipulate tube, tape, transformers and filter in every single track. You can add details to your mixes and master stage.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Saturation Knob by Softube

It is a modeled distortion plugin which is easy to use. Be it fattening the baseline to adding harmonic, a wide range of effects you can add through it.

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for Compressors & Limiters

1. DC1A by Klanghelm

Works amazingly well on the input signals but lack of additional control is a little disadvantage with it.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Molot Compressor by Vladg

It performs great when it comes to adding coloration in the signal.

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for EQ’s

1. TDR Nova by Tokyo Dawn Records

It is a dynamic free available plugin which impresses with its detailed dynamic section. Through it, you can perform a lot of application over the input signal.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Luftikus by Ikjb

It is a digital edition of an analog Equalizer. It facilitates high-frequency boost, deeper cuts and helps in ducking overall gain change.

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for Vocal Production

1. MAuto Pitch by Melda Production

As an advance automatic pitch correction tool, it is impressive and works effectively on all sorts of vocals and monophonic instruments.

Download Demo | Buy

2. Duet by Martin Eastwood

It offers double tracing or harmonizer effect to improve and modify vocal or instrument sound.

Download Demo | Buy

Free VST Plugins for Mixing & Mastering

1. Panipulator by Boz Digital Labs

A must-have tool that gives your insight about your mixes, appearing on a different system.

Download Demo | Buy

2. SPAN by Voxengo

It is an audio spectrum analyzer plugin which will assist you in the making of professional music production.

Download Demo | Buy

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How do I install VST plugins in FL Studio?

Here is the step by step guide to install VST Plugins in Fl Studio:

1. Download the VST Plugins to your computer.
2. Unzip the Plugin file.
3. Copy the .dll file to \Program Files\VST3 Folder.
4. Open FL Studio and click on Channels up top and then click the Refresh button to scan your VST plugin folder.
5. Look for the new VST plugin you added and check the box next to it.
6. Done!

#2 What are VST instruments?

Virtual Studio Technology (VST) is an audio plug-in software interface that integrates software synthesizer and effects in digital audio workstations. VST and similar technologies use digital signal processing to simulate traditional recording studio hardware in software.

Source: Wikipedia

#3 What is VST and VSTI?

  • “VST is the “overall” name of the technology; VSTi is to differentiate VST instruments from VST effects (although confusingly there isn’t really an equivalent abbreviation for effects.”
  • “VSTi – Virtual Studio Technology instrument – a sound patch or sampler/rompler
    VST (or VSTfx) – Virtual Studio Technology fx – reverb/delay/phaser/distortion/etc

Source: Quora

That’s all folks! these 120 fantastic vst plugins that will help you the most in shaping your music production skills. If you want, you can purchase or download it anytime.

Comment below and let us know which Plugin is your favorite! 🙂

120 Best Free VST Plugins you must try in 201 [Premium Included]
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