5 Best Synth VST Plugins in 2018

For enhancing your creativity, it is always better to keep experimenting with things. Even if the VST in your DAW is standing on your expectation, still you should not stop trying those newly launched VSTs.

Also keeping a close watch and updating your VST list with the current plugins is undoubtedly a good habit to all the DJs and music producers.

Synth VST is undoubtedly highly looked for VST like Piano VST and Guitar VST. However, there are so many of them which make it quite complicated to sort out one best synth VST.

Using this virtual device to produce music you can create everything from strange sound to roaring bass. To cut short your difficulty in finding the most promising Synth VST, here is the list containing five of these top plugins.

1. Native Instruments’ Massive

Searching for a powerhouse in synth, then Massive by Native Instrument is the one to pick from the list.

Massive held the modest interface for smooth user functioning and priced at $149. This VST has total four oscillators with three usual oscillators and one for extra modulation.

With the help of a knob given in these oscillators, you can switch from one waveform to another quickly. Oscillators also have an intensity control and the end resultant line up control. The plugin has a range of 82 wavetable oscillator shape accompanied with several modulation techniques, filter and effect options.

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2. Xfer Serum

The top-performing VST out there with excellent sound quality, animated visual presentation, and user ability is undoubtedly the Serum from Xfer Records.

Used by prominent music producers, its essential features collection gives space for composing versatile music. Various 2 D and 3 D wavetable consisting of the two oscillators A and B which appears in just some clicks.

To bring modulation in these waveforms either statistically or dynamically by cross-fading or by modifying the frequencies. With over 450 presets in the factory, you are ready to hit the mixing and composition without any delay.

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3. Lennar Digital Sylenth1

Taking the VST synth performance to the next level, Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital is a rich and beautiful addition.

You will get to access well-thought modulation and effect for a rich, warm output. Sylenth1has a much similarity with current days plugins but what gives it an edge is ready to use presets, electro bass and smooth evolving pads.

Furthermore, its remarkably uncomplicated interface makes it easier for the novice to work effortlessly on it. The four oscillator offers a choice of eight waveforms each gives a great unison facility.

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4. u-he Diva

A hybrid VST synth u-he Diva is combining the good old components mixed with new technology and features.

Equipped with all the essential elements like oscillator, envelop and filter with some addition to them. The dual VCO is according to the Minimoog, and the DCO is similar to the Roland Alpha Juno.

The filter gives four option to make a selection which is multimode, cascade, aggressive bite, and Moog-style ladder filter. While the envelope generator has three variations namely ADS, analog ADSR, and digital ADSR. Moreover, its intuitive design and exceptional sound delivery make it a compelling competitor to many other synth VST.

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5. Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

It’s an impressive update of previous Omnisphere by Spectrasonics without complicating its features.

Feeding your audio into it is possible now, and that is to keeping velocity mapping at bay. Its fresh 4500 patches with a rich collection of EDM sounds enable a user to work instantly.

For live performances, it offers the live mode in VST which has a crucial split function. One more mode called Orb’s new Attractor which causes the cursor to move in pendulum fashion. All in all, it is a complete transformation of its previous version with no particular limitation.

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So, this is the best five synth VST which are great performer available at a modest price. You can try all of them to figure out the one best for you among these VST.

5 Best Synth VST Plugins in 2018
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