Top 5 Best Piano VST in 2018

Before you kick off your journey as a music producer, you must add all the necessary plugins in your VST list. Finding and installing these plugins can be a piece of cake for many but then what’s tricky.

It is deciding the one from the list of plenty plugins. Piano VST is the one much-needed plugin for the music producers which you couldn’t miss in the collection.

The digital way of generating real acoustic piano sound in the music is possible with them and that too with less or no expenditure.

For that purpose, the original piano sound comes out from the 88 MIDI keyboard controller and the plugin software.

Let’s look at the best 5 Piano VST you can use either host in your DAW or use as a standalone device.

1. Pianoteq 6

The Pianoteq 6 from the Modartt is the first piano VST which you can count for original piano sound. Not just Pianoteq 6 but earlier versions of Pianoteq like Pianoteq 5 are equally renowned for their performance.

Pianoteq 6 comes in three different versions that are Pianoteq 6 stage, pro, and standard. Affordably priced the Pianoteq 6 price is lowest for Pianoteq 6 stage (€99) and highest for Pianoteq pro (€399).

You can access a vast range of 14 instruments which you can extend to 49 instruments. Moreover, each one of the Pianoteq 6 is different from each other in technical and editing features.

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2. Ivory II Grand Pianos

If your piano VST is falling short, when it comes to realistic sound production, switch to Ivory II Grand Pianos from Synthogy. The sound it offers is perfect for all most every music genre be it jazz or pop.

However, this plugin requires quite a lot of space on your disk. For that matter, it’s sample collection only requires 28 Gb. But if you crave for perfection in music production, this plugin is undoubtedly a reliable choice. Run it on your MAC or PC as a standalone unit or host it in your DAW.

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3. Piano in Blue

Cinesamples’ Piano in Blue is one of the favorite piano VST for a few years. For an in-person recording experience in the studio, it let you select the settings of three different microphones.

The sample collection helps you to make some choices. It gives you access to 8 velocities, and also you can make advanced settings in effects. Like high pass or low pass filter, reverb, Sample start knob, and a few other effects.

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4. Alicia’s Keys

If you are looking for a low budget option but also want a performing VST, then Native Instruments’ Alicia’s Keys is for you.

It has a unique and straightforward design which is an advantage to the users as they easily decode work on it.

However, the only drawback is that it requires enough free space on your disk to get installed. Moreover, with the best in industry features, several sample list and affordability overshadow its flaws quite well.

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5. The Giant

Another one from Native Instruments’ the giant is also a low-cost plugin software for original piano sound. The giant in-house two well-defined Kontakt instruments along with their sets of sample and controls.

Talking about its controls, it has Tone Anatomy and Space as the primary option for modifying the music track. Its features include reverse reverbs, tempo-synchronized delay boost the artist ability to produce desired music. Above all, its Cinematic mode is a wonderful addition to helping in the film scoring.

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Here are the top five Piano VST making to the list that is cost-effective and holds superior qualities. It won’t disappoint you and give a top-notch performance. Their features and effect provide room to the artist for experiment and creativity.

Top 5 Best Piano VST in 2018
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