Audacity – Free Audio Editor

Agreed or not, but the importance of DAW for every music producer is above all. For all they do be it recording, editing, sequencing, mixing and other things carried out within it. As it greatly affects the shaping or composing work of every producer, so it is very crucial to select the right DAW. For that matter, a right DAW for you may not be the one for others since it all rest on your expectations from this software. To make a meaningful decision from the diverse collection of freeware or paid DAW, you must search for their respective review from the expert.

An Introduction to Audacity Audio Editor

If you are looking for a DAW which not only has a cool feature to use but also offers ease of working then Audacity DAW is the one for you. Apart from many remarkable features it possesses, this DAW is free. But it doesn’t mean that this DAW is anywhere less than those paid DAW. In fact, you will surprise to see many of its outstanding features. For instance, sequencing, recording your voice, clipping, noise removal, and adding many special effects.

Its impressive recording and editing tools give it an edge over other and ultimately makes it a choice of professionals. With Audacity, you can access enough editing tools and even increase this list by installing any plugin to it. It is one stop for all kinds of audio editing projects like audiobooks, podcasts, music tracks and other such editing projects.

The recent and the old versions of Audacity

One can quickly install the Audacity on their system irrespective of the operating system. So, no matter if it is Linux, Windows 7 and above or Mac OS, you can use it in all of them. The first version of Audacity launched in 2000, and we know it as Audacity 0.91. By now, its developer introduced and updated many versions like Audacity 1.1.1 or Audacity 2.1.1. The last version of this DAW was Audacity 2.2.2 which arrive on 20 February 2018. As far as the modification it has from its previous version they include maintenance release for bug fixing, and dropout detection feature.

Audacity Free Download

Functions of Audacity

If you ever come across with the DAW for the first time, its simplified design and smooth performance is something you will not fail to notice. Its straightforward design reduces the trouble of finding and accessing various effects. The top bar showcases its basic functions while the drop-down menu assigned to them presents all its advanced features.

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Moreover, the option to record audio from microphones or computer playback is present. At the time of recording, you can keep a check the clipping going on to the sound. Furthermore, with Audacity, it is possible to achieve a sample rate of 192,000Hz and even record at the 24-bit depth. The editing option includes multitrack editing, changing the equalization, low, high or notch filter effect, bass and treble effect, fading and many other effect option. You can cut down all the noise like hissing, humming generating in the background of the track. It supports all types audio files for importing.

Audacity an outperforming and highly preferred DAW

For those who are beginners and learning the art of audio editing, this DAW is one of them as it won’t include any expenditure. It is an open source with light interface DAW which delivers output better than any DAW. Editing and adding effects to audio is as comfortable as you ever expected from an audio editor. There is no point of questioning this application. All in all, it boosts the versatility of any artists allowing them for contrast and accurate analysis of the audio.

Audacity – Free Audio Editor
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