5 Best Websites to listen Music Online

Just like there are websites for every purpose, there are some sites which offer you music. These music sites feature all the genre be it pop to rock to techno that you can listen as per your taste.

The internet is over the top filled with such music sites. You may find it tricky to figure out the right site to go for music. Here is the list of top five music site you should check in first.

#1 Google Play Music

Google Play Music is Among the highly preferred site to listen to online music, this is one driving a lot of visitors. You can hover over its entire list of songs and select the one you want to hear.

It provides all the recent song arrival and that too free of cost. In case you want a seamless flow of music and stop useless ads just purchase its subscription. The cost of its monthly subscription is around $10.

#2 Last.fm

Whether, you want to listen to music online or, want to download it and, then listen, the Last. Fm gives you both the facility. No matter it’s your PC or laptop or tablet or smartphone Last. Fm music can entertain you on every platform.

Getting the recommendation of the type of music you enjoy, it is essential to download Scrobbler. It will keep a record of your music taste and then send you the recommendation.

#3 Slacker Radio

Another best music site for its collection and features is the Slacker radio. This radio website lets you connect with several music stations nearby your place.

This way you can try some different genre apart from what you usually up to listening. Besides you can view the list of songs from your favorite artists once you type down the artist name.

#4 AccuRadio

Much like the other radio sites, this one also gives you access to multiple radio stations. It helps you to explore new music stations and thereby extend your taste.

Moreover, you can create a free user account on the website to enjoy less ad telecast. Also, you can save your favorite channels and get back to it whenever you logged in to your account.

#5 TuneIn Radio

The list wouldn’t complete if you don’t mention this site. Finding your favorite station is as simple as that and enjoy all the live shows without any buffering. Well, the radio station list does not include the local one but also the global channel.

Moreover, you can browse these station list as per the programs telecast over them.

These five sites will give you a chance to enjoy the top music app sitting in your comfort zone. Thus, you must give them a try and find out which station is the best on this list.

5 Best Websites to listen Music Online
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